Welcome to my blog!

There is so much that I wish I’d been taught in school, that wasn’t on the curriculum: from how to gain financial literacy, to how to identify and set achievable goals, or how to grow and develop myself as a person deliberately- rather than leaving everything to chance.

These are just a few things that as a mother of 3 young adults and as a an education professional, I have become really passionate about. I can see how teaching people the fundamental skills to manage themselves, their mental health and their trajectory is paramount to living happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Having spent over 18 years reading and studying books and content on self-help, self development, habit formation and beating fear, completing a Life Coaching course and gaining a Masters Degree in Education, I have been able to effectively support children and adults to overcome obstacles, get the best out of themselves, identify priorities and take action to achieving their goals.

It then beggars belief that after all this time and successful practical experience in helping others, I have only just began to get a handle on ousting my own fears and self-esteem demons, and addressing my own limiting beliefs. Who knew that our own mental construct of ourselves can be such a crippling factor!?

Finally, ‘getting a grip’ and having a clear sense of direction and purpose feels so good, that I keep asking the same question: why aren’t we being taught these skills? I now want nothing more than to share the systems and tips that I have learned and discovered along my journey, that have really worked. The purpose of this blog is therefore:

  • To help you identify areas of your life that need attention and to inspire you to act
  • To empower you to take control and improve your life satisfaction
  • To help you discover new ways of thinking and doing
  • To improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • To provide encouragement and support through practical advice that can really work

I welcome you onboard an exciting journey to amplifying the glow that is waiting to burst out of you, regardless of your age or what stage you are at- we are all in this together.

With love and light,