What’s behind the ‘Amplify Your Glow’ concept?

purple bokeh

‘Amplify Your Glow’ was born from my intention to share the thoughts, systems and ideas that would enable people to uncover and dust off their inner light: their confidence, self-esteem and belief in their ability to succeed. This unique shine that makes us who we are is often either supressed, or hidden by other people’s ideas of who we should be, by what the media dictates needs to happen and by our own construct of who we think we ought to be- built based on our potentially limited life experiences so far.

Only by analysing and accepting where we are, the way we think about ourselves and the reasons behind our limiting beliefs, can we begin to craft a clear idea of our strengths, what we want, who we want to be and what direction we want to go in. Once we identify our real strengths, they serve as an anchor and enable us to make clear plans, which allow us to decide where we sail to, for how long and where we dock – on our terms.

Because we begin to put a stop to things that no longer serve us and start taking steps in new directions, we feel notably better: happier, more fulfilled and more energetic. The reason for this is that gaining back control of your life feels good; it feels fulfilling because now you are no longer drifting- now you are the one steering in a direction that brings you joy.

And this is the time that people will start to comment and tell you how well you are looking and that you have a spring in your step; they will probably start guessing what’s behind it. Some may say you are glowing.

This is the concept that I hold dear: that we all deserve to find and amplify our own, unique and majestic glow- our unique combination of gifts, skills and inner beauty to share with the world. This is how ‘Amplify Your Glow’ was born.

Thanks for being here, I hope that you stick around ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–

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